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Review of Traineeship Programs Available

What we do and how you can join

In order to become a first rate professional, you must know your strong points.  Here at BDO Ziv Haft, we believe in integrating employees in a position and at a place enabling them to develop in an optimal manner.

We offer a wide range of opportunities that will help you identify your strong points, enhance your skills and assist you in developing as a professional - whether in the sphere of taxation, real estate, finance, technology or elsewhere.


Both as a trainee or associate, you will have the opportunity for influencing right from the moment you join our firm.  You will be immediately assigned professional work in a variety of tasks and you will encounter diverse companies and businesses who are our clients.  We provide hundreds of services to thousands of clients in a very wide range of sectors both in Israel and overseas.


Specializing in the audit field

In a business world that is incessantly changing, evolving and operating in a regulatory environment, adequate expert assistance is vital, now more than ever.  Our professional staff learn to identify a client's activity and thoroughly assess its needs, and the financial statements we prepare have an impact on investors and markets alike.

At this juncture of your career, it is important to acquire varied learning experiences.   BDO is offering you the opportunity of working with diverse clients in numerous sectors of the economy.


Specializing in Various Advisory Areas

Providing advisory services to senior managements, steering among challenges, changes and opportunities.


Specializing in Taxation

The task of these teams is to train both individuals as well as large companies how to cope with tax issues that are abundant in business world.