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18 February 2020

This SecOps user conference is a one-stop destination to discuss best practices around prevention, detection, investigation, response, and automation. We will delve into the latest MDR related topics and techniques. Meet Dori Fisher Head of our MDR services and other BDO experts, learn how...

06 November 2019

BDO Israel would like to welcome you to our "MedTech Tel Aviv" event that is tailored for Startups who wish to examine ways to approach the US market.  During this event, we will host guests from miltiple disclplines who will present a variety of topics on best approaches to introduce your...

09 September 2019

BDO and Lippes Mathias invite you to join us on September 9th for an in-depth look on the opportunities and risks for Israeli companies in the US market. Leading professionals from Israel, NY and Washington, will share valuable information in the fields of corporate compliance, enforcement, and...

27 June 2019

Join us for an exciting event at Cyber Week 2019 that will delve into the latest MDR related topics and techniques. Meet experts and technologists who are leading in the global MDR industry as they share their thoughts and insights. Learn how automation and hunting are an important part of MDR...

27 June 2019

Join us for an exciting event- Fintech Junction 2019. The conference cover the latest and hottest trends shaping the future of financial services, including: open banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies & ICOs, regulation, cybersecurity, AI, P2P platforms, startups and venture capital and much more...

06 June 2019

Thursday | 6.6.2019 | 09:00-13:30 | SAP, 14 Dolev St, Ra'anana    

05 June 2019

Wednesday | 5.6.2019 | 18:00-20:00 | SOSA, 13 Shocken St, Tel Aviv   

05 June 2019

This June 5nd, 2019, Habima Square  

05 June 2019

The Technovation high-tech conference will take place on June 5, 2019    

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