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30 March 2017

Due diligence is an investigation that is performed during a phase of euphoric sensation and urgency to expedite the "technical" side of the transaction and move forward to the "doing business" side of the transaction.  This sense of elation is intensified when the investment bankers enter the...

28 March 2017

Avoid getting hit with double social security payments on your income:U.S. citizens living in Israel and operating an unincorporated business (i.e., working as an (עצמאי are subject to U.S. self-employment tax on net business income, in addition to Israeli Bituach Leumi payments. The reason for...

09 February 2017

Welcome to the first BDO HORIZONS of 2017, in which our M&A professionals review the past year and analyse what lies ahead. Read more

02 February 2017

1) Due Date of Filing 2016 U.S. Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns: The most significant changes for tax year 2016 for U.S. companies, LLCs, and partnerships relates to their respective due dates. The 2016 U.S. corporation tax return (Form 1120) is now due by April 18, 2017, and if put on...

02 February 2017

1) Due Dates for 2016 Tax Filings:U.S. Income Tax Return - Form 1040 The U.S. Form 1040 tax return for tax year 2016 is due by April 18, 2017. Overseas filers receive an automatic two month extension and have until June 15, 2017 to file. All taxpayers can file an extension to delay the filing...

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