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02 July 2020

Threats to corporate reputation are constant while integrity remains paramount in a fast-changing world

02 July 2020

Rethink Fintech - Crisis as an opportunity – a global perspectiveIn this global edition, BDO’s team of fintech experts presents some of the challenges facing fintech companies, advise on how to overcome them, and how to prepare to best grasp the future opportunities that await.

02 July 2020

The COVID-19 crisis raises operational, credit and capital risks for the Banking sector, while also adversely impacting its profitability and financial stability. COVID-19 affects banks in different ways depending on the type of bank, its size, and its geographical location.In this global study...


Article: 6 ways AI can help lenders in a post-COVID-19 world

21 June 2020

The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has presented banks, credit unions, and other lenders with a number of challenges.

20 May 2020

The International Tech Hubs e-book, brought to you by BDO’s plugd:in platform, represents the latest in BDO’s insights into the future tech hubs of the world. Gathering together the collective expertise of BDO’s partners around the world, it reviews each locations benefits and advantages for...

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