Want an International Company to Become Interested in Your Start Ups? This is How It's Done

02 July 2017

During the starts up session at the high-tech conference, 5 entrepreneurs displayed  their early stage ventures, and received feedbacks from Astora Modna, CEO and founding partner of Tara Fund;  and Eyal Miller, CEO of Samsung Next.


Belinda Thompson, who opened the startups session, pointed out: "Large companies have difficulty in identifying the mature and interesting startups through the foggy screen."

The speech delivered by Belinda Thompson, Global Head of IT - BDO Global,  addressed the significance of assimilating new technology within organizations.  According to her, the recent IT research carried out by Gertner Inc.  indicated that, among the factors creating a difference between companies with surplus digital performance and others, there is the ability to adopt digital ecosystems.  This is possible through cooperation and access to startups.  The transition to such ecosystems enhances their ability to develop and meet rapid changes, adopt innovations and increase output.

Addressing entrepreneurs wishing to establish cooperation between startups and global companies, Thompson recommended they understand that they must highlight their leadership skills and show leadership presence in order to receive attention: "Large companies have difficulty in identifying mature and interesting startups through a foggy screen. Accordingly, it would be worth their while to demonstrate leadership presence in the social networks, to publish articles in their field of occupation, arouse inspiration in their professional field and attend conferences."

Thompson also suggested that entrepreneurs operate in the framework of hothouses and accelerators, some of which are owned by large companies – such as Microsoft and Google: "We write to them requesting a short list of interesting startups.  It helps if the startups have already been screened and they can made recommendations."

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