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You've successfully penetrated or even became a leader in your market, and now it is time to grow into your global potential. Expansion into new geographies and markets, building an ecosystem of vendors and users which use and add to your product in different ways, becoming a known and respected brand by users and potential employees, using M&As as an inorganic growth mechanism, exploring an IPO or receiving an acquisition offer – making your mark on the world for years to come.



IPO Domestic & Global

Over the last five years BDO has been involved in more IPOs than any other local firm[GN1] , so when its time to explore your public liquidity opportunities – we're here for you. We've assisted companies in preparing and conducting their Initial Public Offerings in different exchanges, such as Israel, the U.S, Canada, Australia, and the UK. In addition to auditing the required assets needed for this process, we can help you build the teams of investment professionals and brokers, legal counsels, and other relevant stakeholders.


Regulation Compliance

In a world where almost every process is related to a financial transaction or data, regulation on financial software developers extends beyond bookkeeping entries and balance sheets. From POS transactions, salary production, CRM entries and more – compliance with the Israeli rules and regulations must be integrated within the product or service's features.

We help our clients understand and comply with the general and specific regulations – common industry-agnostic ones that refer to processes of bookkeeping, VAT and tax – and industry-specific as in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, financial services and others.

Our regulation team can support your entire workflow - from the definition phase (including file and report formats), through development and QA, and even providing a dedicated  opinion document.[GN2] 


International Tax Compliance

As your venture grows, its operations will likely span across different geographies. Time-zone and cultural differences might be handled internally, but the various tax requirements by each location require specific expertise.

Our international tax team will provide you with the best tax planning and facilitation, addressing company-level issues such as holding structure, as well as individual aspects such as compensation.


Transfer Pricing

Conducting business across borders means dealing with multiple currencies but also with various ways of evaluating and accounting for inter-company transactions. Interfacing with our international tax strategy and compliance teams, we will provide you with a framework for optimized transfer pricing, and guide you as you continue to expand your global operations.


Controlling & CFO Services

Whether your in-house CFO requires additional support, or you prefer an outsourced controlling service - we act as your trusted advisor and facilitator in all financial-related workflows. From the budget forecast and hindsight assessment, through financial planning and cash flow management to making sure all relevant stakeholders are getting constant and updated reports.


Market analysis

As part of your business plan preparation, or when you contemplate entering a new market – our experts will help you understand the opportunities and challenges. We will provide you with market sizing, competitive landscape, SWOT analysis, market trends and forecast – everything you need to make the right decision for your company.



If you store your customer data in the cloud – SOC 2 compliance is a must. This reporting and audit mechanism, incorporated by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), defines the requirements an organization needs to maintain with regards to customer data privacy, confidentiality, availability, integrity and security. Our data-minded team will assess your SOC 2 compliance, and provide you with the needed measurements to reach compliance.


GDPR & International Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation. It has become an industry standard for dealing with customer and user data acquisition, usage, retention and identification. Other international data protection regulations such as the CCPA of California and LGPD of Brazil are proposing similar requirements.

Making sure your products and services are meeting the privacy requirements according to the GDPR and other international regulations is a business necessity, and we will help you achieve it.


Penetration Testing

When developing your product or service, either as a stand-alone offering or towards integration with partners, securing it from external threats is a top priority. With our penetration testing tools and expertise, we can assist you in finding potential vulnerabilities, and provide you with the knowledge on how to mitigate them.


Cyber Security Consulting

When discussing the potential cybersecurity threats, it is not enough to develop a secured product or service – you must also conduct your business in a secure way.  Failure to do so might not only lead to potential disruption in your business, but also an interruption in your partners' and customers' businesses.

Our Israeli Cyber Security Center, based on the acquisition of cybersecurity market leader company SECOZ, and enhanced with additional experts with military and national security experience, offers tools and methodologies which will help you solve the challenging cybersecurity threats in your organization.


M&A/Investment Banking

When the time is right to grow your business inorganically, you might explore acquisitions or large-scale funding options such as an IPO. Using our combined efforts, knowledge and expertise, enhanced by our global network of offices and contacts,  we will analyze your needs, define the relevant outreach targets, locate and connect you with investors and companies, and work with you to structure and finalize the deal taking into account the relevant present and future aspects such as taxation, IP, financial forecast and more.


Due Diligence

So you've found a potential acquisition target or received an acquisition offer, a partner is contemplating a joint venture, or you are planning any other potential transaction which would greatly influence your business – now you need to conduct a due diligence process.

Our consulting and corporate finance teams will guide you in the preparation of the relevant data and information, discover and alert on any gaps in the financial and operational picture, and according to your role in this transaction (buyer/seller) will provide the insights which would help you reach a decision.


Growth services

When you need to grow, sometimes it’s best to look at your current customer base. We can help you monetize on your existing customers and retain them. We can optimize your sales funnel, from lead to onboarding and beyond. When your growth comes from new markets or products, we will support you with research-based  go-to-market plans and customer acquisition strategy.  


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