• Seed

    #Dare To Win


The earliest stage in a start-up's life – this is where ideas, vision, and passion must turn into business reality. Validating your concept with the market, establishing a legal and commercial entity, creating your business model and Go To Market strategy, raising money from investors, hiring your first employees, developing your product, initiating your marketing and sales channels – building an infrastructure for the future.



Audit Services

Building and maintaining trust with internal and external stakeholders requires a constant drive towards transparency and reliability. Our audit practice will make sure your financial statements and other relevant reporting assets comply with the various regulations and standards of your business environment.


Bookkeeping Services

Let us help you keep your financial interactions in order with our outsourced bookkeeping service. Expense reports, balance sheets, tax payments and refunds, and other day-to-day entries and tasks, working with multi-
currency and culture environments – we'll take care of business so you can focus on yours.

Tax Strategy    

Whether you plan to conquer your local market or dream of world domination, it is crucial to think ahead, plan your tax strategy, and update it as you grow your business. Elements such as the location of the company's IP and R&D activities, co-founders agreement and employee stock plan - have future implications for your tax transactions. We can help you in your journey by aligning your business goals with the relevant tax requirements and optimize the financial outcome.

Go-to-market foundations

Crafting your story and taking it to the market –as well as potential investors – is key to getting the first few customers and setting yourself up for success. We can help you develop your initial value proposition and set those marketing foundation.


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