Anat Even-Chen, Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Anat Even-Chen

Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Tel Aviv - Head Office



Executive Summary

Mrs. Anat Even-Chen was the Co- founder and Manager of the Academic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Center, in COMAS, Rishon Letzion.

Multi-dimensional role based on dialogue with varied stakeholders, ongoing learning, creativity and thinking outside the box.

Initiating and leading cross-sector collaborations with relevant stakeholders (Ministry of Interior; Municipalities; Economy experts, etc.). Developing research-based models and contents (projects, academic courses, marketing materials etc.). Managing the social media team, including writing regularly CSR contents.  Managing diverse groups of teams supporting them in initiating and promoting complex CSR projects. Manager of researchers in the CSR field (ageism, social business etc.)



Mrs. Anat Even-Chen holds an M.A. in Business Management from Comas, Rishon Letzion.