Gilad Haroush, Head of BDO People & Business Solutions

Gilad Haroush

Head of BDO People & Business Solutions

Tel Aviv - Head Office




Gilad Haroush, Director of Retaliation and Labor Relations unit that provides strategic consulting services in the field of labor relations, accompanies employers and employees in preliminary collective negotiations or renewal of a collective agreement, compensation, and benefits, controls and management tools, Changing the wage model, accompanying the Ministry of Finance on policy issues, compensation and wages, and more

Gilad has over 16 years of experience in providing consulting services in the area of compensation and labor relations. Gilad is an expert in his field and has extensive experience in the public and private sectors, which have led to the development of unique expertise in the field of wages, compensation, labor relations and collective negotiations (thousands of negotiation hours), and the ability to speak the language of both employees and employers.

As part of his work in Ministry of Finance, Histadrut, Gilad was involved in Managing many dozens of initial collective bargaining processes, reforms and organizational changes in the cellular, high-tech, banking and finance industries, defense industries, petrochemical industries, various productive sectors, and various public sector reforms, including a transition from a budgetary pension to the defense establishment, Reform of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

In addition, Gilad has extensive experience in simplifying and changing wage models (also under collective agreements), building compensation models for companies, incentive mechanisms for salespeople, senior managers, building an organizational hierarchy and controls in the area of wages and labor law.

In addition to these, Gilad lectures in various programs, conferences, and seminars for the enrichment of managers and directors, training employers and more.



  • Bs.c in Mathematics and economics – The Hebrew University
  • Program on Negotiation - Harvard Law School PON
  • Course Mediators – gome Israeli Center for Mediation
  • Negotiation course in the win-win method