Menachem Wolf, CPA, Senior auditing and taxation accountant

Menachem Wolf

Senior auditing and taxation accountant





Executive Summary

CPA, senior auditing and taxation accountant at BDO Israel, Mr. Wolf formerly a senior manager and senior coordinator at the Israeli Tax Authority, has extensive knowledge in various aspects of real estate in general and taxation in particular.

In the framework of his previous positions in the Tax Authority, he dealt with high-tech, finance and energy companies, and as a result was involved in large-scale transactions in the economy that had an impact on the Israeli economy. In addition, he dealt with companies that operated large infrastructure projects using the BOT method, including implementing the inherent difference between accounting reporting and tax reporting.

Menachem was involved in relevant issues for leading companies in the real estate, high-tech, finance and energy sectors, from accounting, tax, economic consulting and valuations.



Mr. Wolf holds a BA in Business Administration specializing in accounting. from Uno academic college and a E.M.B.A in Business Administration specializing in finance and financial ma