Tal Dolev, CISA, CPA, Partner, Partner, Head of Technology Advisory

Tal Dolev

Partner, Head of Technology Advisory

CISA, CPA, Partner



Executive Summary

CPA, system analyst, CISA, Partner and Group Manager in the IT Consulting and Audit Group and Manager of the Group’s Banking and Finance Department.  Has 10 years of experience in providing IT consulting and audit services.  Mr. Dolev specializes in IT consulting and audit in financial institutions, guiding the development of financial systems in the private and government sectors, the development and audit of web-based systems, the construction of data warehouses. Additionally, he performs EDP audits, designs unique computerized audit tools, consults on and examines information security issues, and carries out IT system surveys as well as surveys of embedded controls. 


Mr. Dolev holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from the Ben-Gurion University.