• Antitrust Law

Antitrust Law

Activities in the Antitrust Field

BDO Consulting Group provides clients close guidance and consultancy on antitrust issues, including competition, restrictions on the activities of businesses, and regulation, both vis-à-vis antitrust and regulatory authorities, as well as the business sector.

Our professional experience includes representing companies and organizations vis-a-vis government authorities and the business sector, in the framework of legislation and regulation, mergers and acquisitions, hearings, arbitrations and legal proceedings, trade agreements, joint ventures, and more.  We have extensive knowledge and are closely acquainted with a wide range of industrial branches, such as: communication, food, industry, chemicals, energy, health, aviation, infrastructures, consumption products, environmental economy, and more.  Our work includes developing economic solutions for various issues in the specific field of activity, whilst performing precise and target-directed research and analysis based on an uptodate economic theory, professional literature and empiric data.

The firm's consulting and support services, coupled with the solutions we place at clients' disposal, assist them in various business operations and opportunities, such as:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Exclusive agreements
  • Expansion of activity
  • Antitrust authority's investigations
  • Ventures & p
  • Legal proceedings
  • Commercial contracts
  • Legal memoranda and bills
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Regulatory changes
  • Price control
  • Monopoly announcements
  • Dumping price
  • Overcharges
  • Distribution and acquisition agreements


BDO's senior professional team is well versed in antitrust law, and has extensive experience in overseeing mergers and acquisitions, drafting economic feasibility studies, including:

  • Industrial company mergers
  • Communication pricing
  • Medicine marketing
  • Credit market competition
  • Competition in ports
  • Vehicle industry competition
  • Energy company mergers
  • Waterworks pricing
  • Cable TV mergers
  • Monopoly announcements
  • Visual content mergers
  • Expert's opinion – damage assessment from unfair competition
  • Software-semiconductor company mergers
  • Expert's opinion – cartel damage assessment
  • Existence of dumpings
  • Expert's opinion –monopoly and overcharges
  • Hazardous waster price control
  • Expert's opinion – patent's economic value