• Audit and Control
    of Data Technology

Audit and Control of Data Technology Risks

The information technology ("IT") that enabled a new and fascinating business reality, among others via the ERP and CRM systems, digital omni channels and cloud services, raises the need for the ability to manage the business risks inherent in IT use  and limit their effect on business activity.

In a firm that has continued its activities from the 70s of the previous century till the present day,  BDO Technology Advisory specializes in identifying, limiting and managing IT risks in complex systems in widespread computerized environments such as: cloud infrastructures with distance suppliers, MF systems, self-development systems, off the shelf software and SAAS – software as a service. IT risk services include:

  • Technology risk management
  • Project-oriented risk management
  • IT risk surveys
  • Information systems control
  • SOC 1,2,3, service bureau reports
  • Advisory services on controls and IT governance