• Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The amount of data being hoarded in a modern organization is enormous – greater than any firm's ability to cope with it effectively.  The analytics tools enable an organization to focus on its core business activity, with real-time information made available and information leading to action, thereby making it possible to offer a customer, precisely on time, just the proposal that will induce him to build up customer loyalty.

BDO Technology Advisory helps organizations to develop data driven innovation, while maximizing its use data so as to increase the efficiency of business processes,  promote sales, augment profitability and improve financial and administrative reporting.

We use technology for analysis, investigation and presentation purposes, to obtain business insights and convert data into information that motivates action in diverse ways:

  • Advisory services and planning for development of  BI systems
  • Advanced analytics to create forecasting mechanisms, complex calculations, stream analytics and network analysis
  • Models for calculating profitability, customer management and real-time predictive analysis
  • Applying models and anti-fraud management systems and money laundering
  • Automating control processes
  • Calculators and simulators on regulatory and risk management issues
  • Building data models for various operational and reporting needs
  • Data cleansing
  • Compiling reports and queries
  • Assessing systems from the data and testing system conversion
  • Reports and reporting assessment process
  • BDO Lookout – methodology and tools for monitoring and organizational analytics of processes