Advanced Data Analytics

In a world where business data is collected by the organization and the enormous public information is available on the Internet and in commercial databases, the ability to extract, promptly and efficiently, business value from data could prove to be a  strategic advantage for you.

BDO Technology Advisory analysts combine the content worlds of advisory services with data analytic capabilities and business insights, through use of the following:  

  • Data extraction from various sources
  • Data integration from additional information sources
  • Data modeling
  • Use of big data tools and systems for database management by advanced methods (NoSQL, Graph, etc.).
  • Building models for business insights, among others in the following content worlds:
  • Anti-fraud
  • Compliance and control
  • Advanced  accounting analytics
  • Business insights and customer management
  • Advanced models for real-time predictive analysis
  • Incident management
  • Data presentation and reporting

Our analysts can provide you with the business advantage and save you considerable costs