BDO Lookout

BDO Lookout methodologies were developed over the course of many years, to centralize know-how and technological abilities for automating organizational control and monitoring processes. This is designed to impart the business value whether by limiting the costs invested or by creating a deterring effect and recovering the funds and assets which the organization may already have lost.  This approach makes use of diverse tools and technologies, according to the needs of the organization; the technologies applied and cost/benefit considerations.


Through BDO lookout, you can attain the following benefits:

  • Tracking and preventing fraud and deception in the organization
  • Maintaining controls of business data through automated tools
  • Applying control of technological environments where control gaps exists
  • Monitoring vendor activities over systems within the organization
  • Automated controls of systems not enabling changes
  • Monitoring transaction rooms for trading in securities                                          
  • Enforcing authorizations and monitoring user activity with extended authorizations