• Economics & Regulation

Economics & Regulation

Specialization in economic consulting, integrating macro-economic considerations and feasibility for both the domestic market and businesses.   A senior leading team with long-standing experience and expertise in representing companies and organizations vis-à-vis regulatory bodies and government authorities, whilst combining business-economic analysis with national economic policy considerations, providing consulting services to major companies and government entities in Israel and worldwide, including: corporate valuations, economic opinions and consultancy  on mergers.

Expertise in analyzing industrial trends for the long term, based on unique models including the energy sector model in Israel (electricity, gas and transportation), the communications model, the value chain model in the agricultural and food sectors, and models for the infrastructure and transport sectors.

Activities include:

  • Close guidance to major domestic public and private companies in business processes, including business plans, valuations and mergers requiring long-term economic planning, assessment of impact of industrial trends, regulatory processes, structural changes in planning, and business decision-making.
  • Industrial forecasts, analysis of trends/ macro-economic trends in branches of the economy
  • Consulting and guidance on regulatory processes, antitrust, price control and aspects of competition and expediency for the economy.  Representing business firms in regulatory processes and drafting economic opinions as a basis for setting in motion regulatory changes and shaping of public opinion
  • Consulting services to government agencies and state authorities in developing policies for branch regularization, supervision and competition, based on enhancing national economic feasibility, consumer gain, competitiveness, environmental quality considerations, and more.

Our services:

  • Analysis of macro-economic trends, demand forecasts and prices
  • Industrial analyses and forecasts
  • Assessing financial feasibility and expediency of investments, and long-term business and strategic planning
  • Feasibility analysis and cost-effectiveness for the national economy
  • Anti-trust guidelines, competitiveness, market centralization and price controls
  • Regulatory consulting services, representation and assistance with regulatory processes and national decision making
  • National economic policy, welfare health and education considerations