• Forensic


Fraud and embezzlement committed by parties in the organization or by parties external to the institutional body are more frequent than one might imagine.  Many organizations prefer to investigate such incidents within their establishment so as not to expose them to the public and in order to avoid harming their own image.

The Risk Advisory Services (RAS) team at BDO Consulting Group has had extensive experience in conducting investigative audits, to uncover fraud, negligence or irregularities, quantify the damage caused to the organization and monitor the status of affairs. We implement unique work methods and adequate measures to detect fraud/embezzlement, quantify their impact on the corporate assets and prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Along with the fact that an investigative audit is a preventive tool to track controls and quantify fraud and embezzlement, this type of examination could also indicate other irregular events or deviations from organizational norms.


Below are the services offered by our specialized team of consultants:

  • Investigation of events and suspected irregularities
  • Quantifying damage
  • Development and assimilation of anti-fraud program
  • Questioning employees
  • In-depth third-party investigations
  • Concealed investigations


Fraud and embezzlement risk survey

Fraud and embezzlement events could have a critical effect on the proper operation of an organization.  Experience has taught us that the majority of organizations endeavor to reduce exposure to fraud and irregularities only after they have occurred rather than in a timely manner.  Taking preventive measures might substantially mitigate the likelihood of fraud or embezzlement occurring, or at least the damage likely to be caused as a result thereof.

In the context of a fraud and embezzlement risk survey, we assist the organization in tracking, analyzing and rating the existing risks that are likely to develop into a fraudulent event.

The survey is conducted by means of international tools and methodologies enabling us to assist the organization in:

  • Assessing the risks of fraud and embezzlement
  • Developing solutions to mitigate the potential fraud/embezzlement of assets
  • Increasing financial reporting transparency
  • Increasing investor trust
  • Enhancing/restoring corporate reputation