• Information Systems and Digital Advisory

Information Systems and Digital Advisory

BDO Technology Advisory is the most professional and comprehensive group in Israel engaged in IT professional services.

The group combines experts and professionals from various fields – technology, organization and business practices, controls and marketing.

The advisory and project management fields include:

  • Developing digital strategies for organizations
  • Identifying and applying digital solutions for organizations
  • Digital transformation – refining organizational processes and transferring them to work in a digital environment.
  • Drafting a strategic plan for the organization
  • Developing prototype computerized multi-year work plans for the technology unit
  • IT governance
  • IT architecture
  • System analysis
  • Drafting RFP document
  • Conversion management and testing
  • Admission tests
  • Data analytics
  • Assurance


Connection to Business Core

BDO Technology Advisory's consulting and project management services enable IT units, along with the finance, marketing, logistics, production and other units within the organization – to initiate, consider, characterize and execute business projects integrating innovative technology, projects aimed at business and organizational escalation.

Alongside our work with the core business systems within organizations active in various sectors, we offer advisory services and manage projects to assimilate advanced business management tools, part of which we use for managing the projects themselves.

One of the indicators of a successful project is to what degree it contributes to promoting the business.  A project without a business or organizational vision could become an obstacle to the success of an organization – we prefer to contribute to the milestones for its advancement!



Innovation is a key factor in enabling an organization to attain its goals, and as such – the IT unit must constantly identify, test and adopt new technologies, integrate them, become an integral and leading part of the innovation, and create a competitive advantage for the organization.

In the context of our advisory work on various projects, we encourage managements to also become involved in technological issues, and we actively advise officers on the subject.

We also encourage and assist firms in developing innovation both in business circles as well as in interfaces with customers and suppliers.  Accordingly, we lay emphasis on the connection to the digital era and organizations moving ahead in the various stages of transition to the new technological world.


Realizing Strategy

Strategy is important.  Connecting the IT strategy to the organizational one is necessary.  Mutual feedback is required between the technology, innovation and business needs.

Just as important is the method of realizing the strategy and the work plans deriving from it.

We at BDO Technology Advisory lay emphasis on realization and action, hiring professionals, providing practical tools for the various business departments with whom we co-operate and creating project-oriented action teams with the various partners, so as to mitigates the risks and enhance the project's chances of success.

The difference does not lie in the strategy – but in how you realize it!