Developing and Realizing Digital Strategies for Organizations

Transition to the digital business world is an intricate process.

The organization passes from business-process orientation as one way of thinking and the systems supporting it, to another way of thinking whereby the customer, his point of view, needs and abilities are found in the center, and the information systems are supposed to reflect and even lead this radical change.

The transition process begins with determining the full desired picture of the organization, in a world where the digital revolution is already here, and customers expect the firms serving them to keep up with the gradually increasing pace of change – that of strategy.

BDO Technology Advisory assists the IT officer in the following areas, to:

·         Build a digital strategy while linking it to the organizational business strategy

·         Create an advanced customer experience, aimed at increasing sales, promoting the service, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the business impact.

·         Create an environment enabling the necessary inter-organizational cooperation in the digital era

·         Create the supporting  technological architecture, including cloud computing

·         Provide  technological tools for big data and analytics

·         Develop creative thinking and innovative processes

·         Create new and innovative business models

This strategy includes a technological part and a cultural-thinking part, and in both cases, BDO Technology Advisory can be of assistance.

Once a strategy has been developed, the need arises to define and execute a clear and practical plan for various parts of the large digital project:

  • Break down into defined and realizable project tasks, some of which would be  merely technological while others would be linked to a change of process deriving from technological modifications
  • Create a comprehensive work schedule including project-oriented timetables
  • Define project execution – internal, subcontractor, acquire capabilities, etc.
  • Select  the technologies
  • Budget estimate (prior to obtaining detailed offers) or supplier evaluations for specific project tasks
  • Planning surveys and assessment of alternatives
  • Define success indicators
  • Define resource requirements
  • Assimilate new business models

We at BDO Technology Advisory combine several fields of know-how enabling us  to ask the right questions and become an unbiased part of the team that responds and develops the strategy and the work plans leading to it.

An added, interesting and significant value is establishing mutual goals and unifying individuals to achieve those goals, spurred on by clear indicators and the knowledge as to how each individual might assist and be assisted by a co-worker.

A practical guideline to our strategic advice is creating a sustainable flow of information – giving value to each partner in the business process: customers, employees, officers and suppliers alike.