• Real Estate Appraisals

Real Estate Appraisals

Spectrum Real Estate Ltd., which forms part of BDO Zif Haft Group, is a company engaged in land valuation, real estate consulting and civil engineering, and  the  professional team accompanying clients has long-standing experience in the property field.

Our services include:

  • Financial guidance in construction projects.  The firm employs a real estate professional team with long-standing experience in overseeing construction projects.
  • Zero reports – Economic feasibility report for project construction, providing  business reviews prior to obtaining bank funding for the venture.  The report includes, inter alia, a planning review of building rights, legal inspection of the property rights, construction estimates and assessments of anticipated earnings.
  • Periodic monitoring reports for banks – The report contains details of engineering supervision and an ongoing audit of revenue and expenditures throughout the construction period, start from receipt of bank funding until receipt of Form 4 and approval of project occupancy
  • Appraisals for bank security collateral  – We are included in Bank Leumi's list of authorized appraisers and are recognized in all the other banks as appraisers of commercial security.
  • Filing of expert's opinion with the courts.
  • Drafting of real estate valuations for inclusion in financial statements (IFRS).  The service is provided whilst creating synergy between BDO International and the firm and network's professional departments.
  • Filing of objections to payments of betterment levies to the Local Committee and permit fees to the Israel Lands Authority.

The firm's leadership team also includes a civil engineer, thereby also enabling clients to obtain services in the field of civil engineering, in supplement of the comprehensive land valuation services and funding.  As part of  Spectrum Real Estate Ltd., BDO Consulting Group offers its clients a comprehensive service in diverse areas of real estate valuations, taxation and economic consulting.