• Risk Management

Risk Management


The Risk Advisory Services Group (RAS) at BDO Israel Consulting and Management Ltd. is one of the leaders in Israel in the provision of internal audit and risk management consulting services.

The RAS Group offers a wide range of risk management and internal audit services, based on specific methodologies of BDO International that have been customized to meet the needs of the Israeli market. The Group applies its professional expertise and experience to allow you, the client, to benefit from the use of a functional, practical and valuable tool that reflects the Group’s uncompromising values of quality, integrity, resilience, excellence and reliability.

The Group has over 30 years of experience in the provision of quality professional services to clients in all sectors of the Israeli market: public and private companies, government agencies, municipalities, kibbutzim and related industries, healthcare companies, non-profit organizations, startup companies and more. The objective of the Group is to provide all of its clients with quality tools for the effective and educated management of their business.

The RAS Group’s professional team consists of more than 30 consultants, including accountants, internal auditors, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals and others. Our professionals offer you, the client, a variety of management tools to assist you in establishing and implementing work procedures, as well as in identifying, defining and specifying the risks to which your organization is exposed and customizing corresponding controls. We provide you with reliable, up-to-date and relevant internal and externalinformation of the organization in real time, which facilitates decision making and supports an educated and effective management, as a stepping stone for the advancement of your organization.

The Risk Advisory Services Group offers a wide range of risk management and internal audit services to assist you in formulating and implementing work procedures and identifying, defining and specifying the unique controls that are most suitable for your organization. We provide you with internal and external information that would facilitate the making of decisions that are essential for the development of your organization.


Our Services

  • Internal audit
  • Risk survey
  • Control Services
  • Embezzlement and Fraud Survey
  • Institutionalization, optimization and improvement of procedures and controls
  • Regulatory compliance

The experience, expertise and professionalism of the RAS Group at BDO Israel provide you with the optimal tools for the effective and educated management of your organization!

The Group’s professionalism and long-standing expertise enable it to customize its services to the nature of the client as well as to the different market sectors, including: 

  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Non Profit organizations
  • The settlement sector
  • The public sector
  • The healthcare sector