Risk Management in Fintech Companies



360° Quality Assessment and Identifying Risk Factors for Fintech Companies

According to BDO’s 2017 Global Risk Landscape survey, organizations rated
regulatory risks as the main challenge they face today, believing it has the greatest
potential to affect them in the coming decade. The survey also found that the
financial services sector expressed the greatest concern about this risk.
Meanwhile, the Fintech market is rapidly developing while operating in a regulatory
vacuum. Many believe that the limitations on the use of Fintech products are
determined by the degree of public trust, as a result of transparency and reliability
levels. Therefore, it is recommended that Fintech companies immediately invest in
creating an optimal risk management and control environment, which will allow
them to fulfill their obligations to all stakeholders.


Quality Assessment 360°

This service will help to identify potential risks in the organization and assess
the quality of their management, with an emphasis on monitoring and control of
regulatory risks related to the product or service you provide, both when outlining
a strategy and planning and during the actual implementation. This assessment
will support you in the process of implementing the best corporate governance
practices and provide systematic, ongoing procedures for quality assurance and
appropriate risk handling.


Strategy Planning Implementation

Product / Service

  • Quality of the Control Environment
  • Process Continuation, Transactions Integrity, Calculations Accuracy
  • Maintaining Audit Routes
  • Reliability of Reporting
  • Complete Business Process
  • (Transaction Cancellation etc.)
  • Service Availability & Quality


  • Normative Framework Compliance
  • Proper Data Governance
  • Legal Risks Management (Customers & Investors agreements, Labor Law)
  • Copyright & Intellectual Property Management
  • Maintaining Self-regulation

Management & Control

  • Proper Financial Management
  • Maintaining Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Structuring Core Processes
  • HR & Key Personnel Management
  • Media Strategy Evaluation


Our services provide added values, such as increasing consumer confidence, allowing
your company to be better prepared for future regulatory requirements, improving its
position among investors, reducing its exposure to effective risks, and more.


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