Risk Surveys

Identifying risks and analyzing them is achieved by means of a risk survey – the first of four main stages in the risk management process. The survey helps determine the risks in various work procedures within the organization, and rates them according to the level of potential impact (according to a damage or likelihood-based multiplier) – grassroots or residual level.

The resulting products – a risk matrix and an organizational risk map – constitute paramount work tools in starting an educated and effective risk management process in the organization.  Thus, there is vital importance in having the risk survey carried out by professionals with appropriate and extensive experience.

The Risk Advisory Services (RAS) at BDO Israel Consulting and Management Ltd. is among the leaders in Israel offering professional risk surveys to clients in all sectors of the economy and specifically the following :

  • Government (ministries and state-owned enterprises)
  • Institutional bodies and banks
  • Third sector / non profit associations and social organizations
  • Institutes of higher education