CFO Services

The CFO has one of the most important positions in any entity, while its importance is even more crucial at young companies, such as startups.

The CFO serves as the CEO's right hand/senior consultant, sometimes even as his mentor, and he is responsible with his team (controller, bookkeeper, others) to manage relevant matters: finance operation, control, planning, growth, internal cost-effective processes, etc.

The CFO manages also, proactively and together with the CEO and top management, the major strategic and high-level relations of relevant parties in the company and around it: shareholders/potential investors, board of director's members, bankers, customers, suppliers/service providers, legal advisors, auditors, etc. 

Our CFO will support you in decision making process at any major junction during the day to day activity, and definitely at strategic milestones. The core competence of our CFO is his holistic view of the company's sustainable triangle: business, finance, management….added value services together with compliance emphasis.

Our CFO's role is being part of the leading team, much more than working on your behalf: that is the state of mind we believe in.