Fund Administration Services

Investment fund managers with multiple funds need a comprehensive range of fund administration services that they can rely on at the financial and administrative level.

A Fund administrator is, in effect, a third party, which performs various operational functions for the fund. The scope of operational roles that a Fund administrator performs can vary from fund to fund, as a function of fund size and complexity.

Our main goal is to become a business partner, and fully manage the ongoing communication with the fund investors concerning financial related issues. We alleviate the fund administration part, leaving the fund managers to execute the fund strategy.


Funds Administration services

Our Funds Administration services includes comprehensive solution for all fund administration issues:

  • Accounting services – bookkeeping and financial reports compilation under relevant accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP). Liaising with the Fund's auditor in connection with the review/audit of the financial statements.

  • Capital Account reports - Preparing quarterly/annually reports to investors regarding changes in the value of their investment in the fund.

  • Capital Calls - Preparation and distribution of Capital Call letters to the investors according to the cash flow needs of the fund.

  • Distributions - Calculation of the distribution of funds back to investors according to the agreed distribution waterfall, and the relevant side letters. We also obtain tax-withholding approvals according to the different investors and the tax ruling instructions.

  • Management fee and Carried Interest - Management fee calculations, success fees to which the fund manager / general partner is entitled, and the handling of the fund's current expenses.

  • KYC and AML - Fund administration compliance and investor on-boarding services including KYC/AML checks and preparation for the annual reporting of FATCA and CRS.

  • Tax Ruling and VAT – implementing Tax ruling instructions, and the VAT regulation, in the daily activity and when distributing the funds back. BDO's tax practice supports our Find Administration team, and we enjoy ongoing guidance and consultation with various issues that arise, such as tax withholding issues when distributing the funds. BDO can also assist the fund with obtaining the Tax ruling itself.

Having a large accounting firm sing off on the various calculations, such as the management free, the capital accounts and the distributions, give a great added value to both the investors and the fund managers.