Employee Salary Examination

The salary structure at organizations in general and the business sector in particular is a critical process that must be managed in accordance with  proper standards and the obligatory normative framework.  As such, it is necessary to ensure that the salary process includes the appropriate control and audit channels.

Judicious management and operation of the salary structure, inclusive of all its methods and processes and all the organizational units taking part in it, makes a critical contribution to the organization by improving the level of supervision and control over the most significant components of its expenditure as well as the organization's operation by standards of transparency, proper governance, financial efficiency, quality output, etc.  The Law for Increased Enforcement of Labor Laws intensified the existing sanctions for noncompliance with the various labor law requirements, forcing all CEOs at organizations to ensure even more firmly that employees' rights are properly adhered to.


Services include:

  • Conducting risk surveys/mapping exposures in the salary structure and human resource system
  • Reviewing the organization's compliance with the provisions of the Law for Increased Enforcement of Labor Laws
  • Consulting and guidance in setting up and maintaining an efficient, effective and reliable salary structure
  • Examining employee salary payments against agreements and labor laws
  • Identifying deviations and gaps between salary payments and actual reporting
  • Conducting surprise examinations in order to identify problems and deficiencies in salary payments