Regulatory Compliance

It seems that today, there is hardly any organization that is not exposed to increasing regulation alongside significant non-compliance sanctions.

Prudent management of regulatory requirements and implementation of compliance norms within the corporate culture is one of the prominent challenges corporate managements are currently confronting.

The professional team at BDO Consulting Group's Risk Advisory Services (RAS) is comprised of law professionals and accountants, supported by expert legal advisers, offering close guidance to organizations in implementing processes to ensure regulatory compliance.


The regulatory services provided by our Group include:

  • Administrative enforcement

In February 2011, the Israeli Administrative Enforcement Law came into effect.   The law constitutes an amendment to a number of laws, primarily the Securities Law, enabling the Enforcement Committee to impose a series of administrative sanctions for violations that do not constitute criminal offenses. The RAS enforcement experts of BDO Consulting Group are vastly experienced in assisting organizations with properly implementing the requirements of the law as well as controls designed to limit exposures identified as compliance risks.

  • Implementation of the law to increase enforcement of labor law
  • Labor laws compliance risk survey

There is no disputing the fact that the labor laws and the provisions by virtue thereof (collective agreements, expansion orders etc.) constitute one of the most complex "compliance worlds", requiring special management attention. The RAS Group team of experts at BDO Consulting Group conducts labor law compliance surveys to assess organizations' exposure to violations of the labor laws, both with relation to payroll employees as well as agency workers, foreign workers, self-employed workers, etc.

  • Branch compliance survey

BDO Consulting Group's Risk Advisory Services (RAS) Group offers a wide range of services for examining organizations' activities and evaluating the extent to which they comply with the various regulatory requirements, including:

-Conducting compliance risk surveys aimed at assessing the organization's exposure to violation of labor laws

-Assistance to management and board of directors in establishing supervisory, control and reporting channels, to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions pertaining to corporate governance and work the processes of the compulsory institutions in the organization

-Independent review of the quality of work of the organization's compliance/enforcement function (appointment, letter of mandate, quality and adequacy of  compliance program, activity, compliance with regulatory requirements, management and board of directors response to reports, etc).


Our expertise coupled with the professional team's experience enable us to carry out a branch compliance survey in all sectors of the economy, and particularly in the following:

  • Institutional bodies
  • Public companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Internal audit quality assessment