Setting up Control Systems

Control services are intended to assist organizations in optimizing and ameliorating their existing controls, and designating new ones by way of a holistic and broad approach to measuring the organization's objectives.

Our control services include:

  • Setting up intra-organizational work units/control systems
  • Monitoring contract and account settlement procedures with suppliers and vendors
  • Financial controls
  • Consultation and guidance offered to control units while charactering key controls on core processes and assessing their actual implementation
  • Increasing organizational value by designating indicators to upgrade performance and work practices, control their implementation and provide improvement mechanisms

The internal audit services of BDO Consulting Group are rendered by a professional team led by Ilan Angel, CPA.  Ilan has had extensive experience in providing control and operation services to various corporations, including characterizing processes and assimilating widespread controls, such that they generated large-scale cash refunds to customers.

Ilan is deeply knowledgeable in agreements and claims control, due diligence of commission payments to insurance agencies, etc.

The audit process includes 3 phases – the first of which comprises analysis and assessment of the quality of existing controls, the second offers recommendations on improving controls and assimilating changes within the organization, while in the third phase – based on customer requirements - we provide close guidance in the routine application of controls.  This includes tracking irregularities and conducting discussions with the relevant third parties (suppliers, franchisees, etc.).