• Corporate responsibility, environment and sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


For over a decade, the words "corporate responsibility and sustainability" (CRS) have constantly permeated the public discourse in Israel, until it appears that they already address every area of the organization.  Corporate responsibility is a strategic management approach that contributes to sustainable development, by assessing and taking responsibility for the organization's effects on its environmental and social wellbeing and stakeholders:  employees, suppliers, clients, investors, etc.   It is values- oriented for these stakeholders, so as to preserve mutual commitment for a long period of time, whilst advancing the company's business. 

The rationale behind CRS application in the business sector is based on the assumption that healthy businesses need a healthy society.  Thus, an entity operating from any community that provides its business with employees, clients and income must listen, invest and generate a continuous dialogue with the community.  This is true of any stakeholders with whom the business entities are in contact, such as: suppliers, employees, clients, organizations, shareholders and even the environment as a body influenced by the organization's activity. 

As a rule, sustainability is a method and direction to be integrated with the organization's strategy and assimilated in its systems and work processes.  Only when sustainability is integrated in these areas will the organization benefit from the economic advantages afforded by it.

BDO Israel Group is the first and largest in its field in Israel. The Group has CRS experience exceeding ten years, accumulated in accompanying corporate social responsibility programs in dozens of organizations, and possessing diverse abilities along with the advantage of size.  It provides close guidance to companies in Israel and worldwide, encompassing a wide range of consulting services, starting in the development and integration of sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies, onward to environmental management in organizations and ending in the development and assimilation of an effective ethics program.  The Group's consultants possess a unique combination of accumulated experience in developing CRS programs, leading change processes, managing business development projects, expertise in values-oriented management, development and assimilation of codes of ethics and promoting sustainable development in organizations.

Accordingly, the CRS Group is your natural partner in the organizational process of assimilating the concept

The Group's activities includes:

Strategic consulting -  Guiding organizations towards CRS assimilation in their business operations (sample reports in Israel in providing GRI seminars – training for managers - the sole official representative of the reporting organization.  Partner of Ma'ala in the seminar for training corporate social responsibility officers.

Promoting knowledge on the subject - Annual publication of the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Periodical, publication of the Corporate Responsibility Encyclopedia (link to CRS magazines)

Our Services:

  • Developing CRS strategy
  • Assimilating environmental management
  • Conducting stakeholders dialogue
  • Preparing infrastructures for measurement and reporting
  • Developing policies on human rights, ethics and corruption prevention
  • Training sustainability enthusiasts in applying such skills to learning programs