B2C – Consulting to Service, and Consumer Product Organizations

Service organizations are in a constant state of change due to shifts in customer behavior, competition, regulations, and technological disruptions. In order to cope and succeed under these conditions, B2C organizations are compelled to develop appropriate strategies, optimize performance, and use advanced methodologies and techniques to react dynamically to events.

BDO Customer Management offers broad consulting services to B2C organizations in all industries, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and retail. Our team helps our clients in the design, optimization and maintenance of the following:

  • Service concept formulation
  • Customer-centric digital transformation
  • Improved performance in a multi-channel environment
  • Loyalty program and customer club management 
  • Contact center effectiveness
  • Proactive service and deepening relationships
  • Customer experience design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • The defining of metrics, goals and remuneration
  • Customer experience and satisfaction surveys
  • Market research, forecasting and benchmarking
  • Internal service chain management
  • Analytical models for retaining and developing customers