Government and Public Service

With citizen empowerment and changes in the role of the regulator, government organizations are facing new challenges. They must not only provide high standards of service, but they must also adopt management practices from the business world. Implementing a service revolution in the public sector is a challenge because of its unique nature; the public sector does not operate in a competitive environment and the customer is not a source of income.

BDO Customer Management consultancy has vast experience in working with a range of government offices, authorities and associations. Our consulting expertise in the areas of customer service management and customer centricity in the public  sector includes the following: 

  • Regulation plans for empowering the  customer in the era of customer care
  • Assisting public organizations with the preparation of tenders for customer service companies and supervising the external companies that perform quality control measures.
  • Defining internal service metrics for public companies.
  • Improving citizens' customer experience.
  • Control and management of outsourced service providers.
  • Surveys and customer feedback.
  • Internal service chain improvements.