• Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

The consulting team of the Compensation Department consists of professionals from the fields of accounting, economics, law and business administration who specialize both in corporate governance and finance.

Review and Comparative Analysis of the Existing Compensation Mechanisms in the Market

Mapping of the comparable companies in the sector for the purpose of comparing the qualitative and quantitative parameters that characterize their compensation packages. The analysis of the compensation packages makes reference to and distinguishes between different types of positions and/or affiliation with various divisions operating under distinct business strategies.

Formulation of Compensation Plans for Managers and Employees

Setting compensation targets based on the organization’s strategy and policy, creating a direct link between performance indicators and the rate of the compensation by defining personal, group, market and other indicators. The optimal compensation package takes into consideration accounting, regulatory and taxation aspects and includes a review of effectiveness of the various incentives for the purpose of maintaining a balance between the interests of the interested parties and the Board of Directors. 

Accounting and Economic Opinions

Consulting on the accounting implications of employee stock-option plans, performance of sensitivity analyses to examine the effects of an existing or contemplated plan on the future financial results of the company and assessment of the fair value of the various stock-option and compensation plans under up-to-date accounting standards - IFRS 2, ACS 718.

Management of the Executive Compensation Approval Process

Due diligence of the process for determining and granting the compensation in conformity with corporate governance principles; assisting companies in establishing oversight and control mechanisms in the organization across the processes of review, comparison, approval and execution. Additionally, the Compensation Department offers assistance in the regulatory review of the Authority’s regulations, including an examination of the extent to which the organization complies with the related principles and directives.