Improving Efficiency of Payroll Processes

The human resource constitutes the "very heart" of all organizations, small and large alike. Often, payroll expenses represent the main portion of  the organization's expenditure, thus prudent management and operation of the payroll system are a vital part of both the monthly payroll process as well as control thereof.

Proper supervisory and control measures, integrated in the operational work processes, have a critical impact on the organization's activities, ensuring efficient and continually improving work processes, high quality output, closing of loopholes and fraud prevention.

BDO Israel's auditors and payroll controllers have extensive practical experience in analyzing and assessing the quality and efficiency of work processes, the effectiveness of controls and their conformity to the organization's needs and payroll practices.  Accordingly, we provide a variety of services to address the challenges an organization faces in general, and the payroll/human resource system in particular, including:

  • Improvement of payroll process effectiveness
  • Adequate compliance with changing legislation
  • Development of adequate solutions to prevent or minimize errors and exposures identified in the process
  • Improvement of built-in- controls etc.