Payroll and Contractor Employees Rights

In June 2012, the Law for Increased Enforcement of Labor Laws, 5772-2011 came into force.  The Law represents a comprehensive attempt to step-up enforcement, by imposing additional administrative sanctions against employers who are in violation of existing protective labor laws, to which salaried workers employed by them are entitled, or contractor employees from whom they obtain services.

Under the Law, corporations in general and corporations engaged with service contractors in the security, cleaning, and catering professions in particular, are exposed to legal claims and financial sanctions for violation of diverse labor laws.


The professional team in Risk Advisory Services (RAS) at BDO Israel Consulting Group has had extensive experience in performing payroll audits, examining pay slips, salary increments and work processes.

The team, comprising experienced CPAs, jurists and auditors, and assisted by experts in the field, reviews the adequacy of employment terms and wage expenses paid to the organization's salaried employees, also with respect to employees hired by the organization in the security, cleaning, and catering professions, including a certified payroll examiner.

The upshot of the review is a report summarizing findings at to the corporation's compliance with the provisions of the law, and recommendations for dealing with the salary violations encountered and protection of the corporation and CEO against them.

Furthermore, we are able to assist in assimilating work procedures and adapted controls to prevent further violations in future.

Certified Payroll Examiner

According to the requirements of the Law, and based on our wide experience in the field of Consultancy and Auditing of corporations large and small, we supply services required applicable to the Certified Payroll Examiner and conduct reviews of payroll and due diligence of the employment terms of workers contracted by the corporations.