• Trustees


ZIV HAFT ADMINISTRATION AND TRUST LTD, a company of the BDO Israel accounting group, which is engaged in the provision of fiduciary services in the following fields: hedge funds, ETF’s, safeguarding of shares, employee stock options, composition of creditors, escrow deposits and general trust services.

All of the aforesaid activities require a professional and objective trustee, who posses extensive know how, expertise and experience that are imperative in fiduciary services.

The Trusts Company monitors the strict adherence to the transaction throughout its life in accordance with the legal documents and the fiduciary duty as defined by law, by applying regular control throughout the term of the transactions and while protecting the interests of the investors and of the company.

The managing and operating staff of the company includes accountants, lawyers and economists, who are assisted by all professional departments of the BDO Israel accounting firm, and who possess a thorough understanding of the financial, legal, taxation and operational aspects of all required fiduciary services. The comprehensive know how and extensive experience of the professional team ensure professional representation and monitoring throughout the life of the trust.