Your gateway to the Israeli and US markets!


The BDO difference

The US-Israel Desk is a JV platform designed by BDO  to enable exceptional services to organizations both in the U.S. and in Israel, attending to their audit, tax and advisory needs. The Desk combines and leverages the experience and knowledge of the two leading groups under the BDO Firm.

Operating between New York City and Tel-Aviv, the US-Israel Desk professionals are focused on supporting companies with their business needs in the counter market from where they operate. From Israeli-based companies who needs assistance with their penetration efforts into the U.S. market to American-based corporations who seek to invest in Israeli businesses, raise money in its capital markets and explore M&A activity mainly in the ever growing technology sector.

The Desk seamlessly coordinates a wide range of integrated services and offers clients the following benefits to help ensure exceptional client service:

  • Single point of contact to manage a global financial support
  • Local, Hebrew and English, support to bridge over lingual and cultural barriers
  • Modular support approach for companies of all sizes that aligns with specific needs, business and financial goals


Local Network Access From Across The World

When approaching new markets, some might find it challenging to connect to relevant local decision makers in order to enhance fast growth potential. With a direct local approach on behalf of the US-Israel Desk, our clients find seamless connectivity and advice to support their strategy implementation while relying on the vast resources that BDO as a global firm offers. The combination of significant experience, in-depth firsthand knowledge and business savvy along with world-class resources of a strong global network with a multicultural attitude, helps our clients achieve their goals.


We know your industry

A major part of a success of a business relies on the consultants and advisors that support the operation on an ongoing basis. When Choosing advisors it is important to connect with someone who is not just a good professional but also one that is well connected to the relevant industry. The advantages are obvious and include specific know-hows of specific rules and regulation as well as strong connectivity to the industry and key players and resources. BDO as a global firm with strong practices in both Israeli and American markets that are well beyond connected to a vast range of different industries, is a perfect partner to support your business whether you go from the Israeli market to the US or vice versa. The US-Israel Desk of BDO, is the internal division to make it all connected globally and internally all the way to success.


Doing Business in Israel for the US Market 

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