• Business Strategy Consulting
    for High-Tech Companies

Business Strategy Consulting for High-Tech Companies

In recent years, the Israeli high-tech companies have reached extraordinary achievements on a global scale, which placed them at the forefront of the global technological innovation. At the same time, the challenges of the high-tech industry are growing rapidly and require continues innovation to maintain a competitive edge.

An E2E consulting from crafting the vision into a clear and organized strategy, through GTM strategy to business development, effective sales, and investor's relations to engage them to support your venture.


Business Development & Sales

What if you could grow your business more professionally without wasting your resources on futile experiments?

With our extensive worldwide business network and building a successful sales team we can grow your business and help you meet your sales targets.

Our services include:

  • Establishing full product cycle channels in different markets (including distributers, suppliers, and partners).
  • Setting up sales- analyzing your target audience, buying tower and personas, creating a sales B2B or B2C funnel, writing sales pitch, and training sales team to increase conversion rate.
  • Creating and hosting conferences and other virtual events to promote your company, including demo and case studies videos of your products.
  • Work closely with your marketing personnel and guide them with the content and

visuals that need to appear on your website and marketing campaigns

Go-To-Market Strategy

What if you could save time and money and reduce the risk during your decision-making process?

Our solid experience in market targeting for hi-tech companies and our wide presence in leading global markets, enable us to assist you in choosing the right direction, while reducing the risk of "burning" strategic markets due to incorrect entry point.

Our services include:

  • Business plan writing- for the entire company or for new products and services that the company is interested to incorporate within its value proposition.
  • New market entry strategy including market analysis and prioritization.
  • Launching new product strategy including competition analysis.
  • New customer segment entry strategy including buyer journey analysis.
  • Dive-in with detailed entry channels for the chosen strategic path.
  • Growth strategy- including make, buy, or partner recommendations.


Strategic Guidance for Executives

What if you could translate your vision into a structured and effective process of innovation?

With our structured process and unique work methods, we will be able together to create an effective strategy, which reflects the full value proposition and profit potential of the company's vision. We will enable you to think in multiple dimensions, keep your team engaged and create a continues innovation processes within your company, which enable to keep your competitive edge.

Our services include:

  • DO IT YOURSELF With our strategy workshops for executives we can help you to create an effective thought process that saves you valuable time and creates tangible results within your management meetings.
  • Post-merger integration strategy- Creating a joint value proposition to maximize synergies and joint profit potential.
  • Tracking and identifying industry changes- Analyzing competitors initiatives and their market positioning, identify potential risks or emerging market trends.

Investor Presentation & Capital Raising

What if you could fund your vision quickly and effortlessly?

Whether you need to engage your current stakeholders to support your vision or looking for external fund raising, we will help you to get there.

Our services include:

  • Investor's presentations creation for different seed stages, including financial projections and market analysis.
  • Conducting and facilitating investors' meetings, in which we will present your value proposition and business plan and enlist their support, based on our experience and understanding of what is important for the investors at each stage.
  • Writing investor's newsletters, quarterly briefings, and communication materials.
  • Preparing the company for an IPO- preparing presentations and factbooks for investors and analysts for the IPO road show.
  • Fund raising for companies at various stages.


BDO's strategy consulting for High-Tech advantages:

  • Everything under one roof: a package that includes all types of business services for high-tech companies without the need to integrate and waste time and resources running around between different consultants.
  • Our clients benefit from the business connections, experience, and advanced working methods of BDO consultants from 160 different countries.
  • Our clients entitled as well to the full support and guidance of the best economists and accountants in the world.
  • BDO is the leading consulting company in Israel with proven experience of collaborating with the largest companies in the market.
  • Personal care as of a boutique consultancy.
  • Proven work methodologies which lead to practical results.
  • Consultants who have worked in strategy and business development positions in high-tech companies, understand technology, know the challenges, and speak the same language.