• Cyber Cure- 18.6.18

Cyber Cure- 18.6.18

Date: 18 June 2018
Time: 08:30 - 14:00
Tel Aviv University
30 Chaim Levanon Street
Tel Aviv  
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Monday, June 18th, 08:30–14:00, Tel Aviv University

Dear colleagues,

BDO Cybersecurity Center, Israel is proud to take part in planning & organizing Cyber Cure, the premier cybersecurity session for the Healthcare industry in Cyber Week 2018.  BDO would like to invite you to join other leaders and experts in Healthcare Cybersecurity for discussions on the future cyber security of the Healthcare sector.

Cyber Week is an annual conference that brings together international cyber experts, industry leaders, investors, academics, diplomats and government officials to exchange knowledge, and present new perspectives on cyber security. As one of the leading cybersecurity advisory partners to the healthcare industry, internationally, BDO Partner Ophir Zilbiger will be chairing the event, and leading the panel for Challenges for Hospital Cyber Security. 

In the past years we have been witnessing significant technological advances in medical devices, hospital networks and patient care. As medical devices become increasingly connected, hospital networks
are at risk of exploitation, which could affect device performance, functionality and safety to patients. Their data could be changed or stolen, violating privacy regulations and endangering lives. Join to hear from hospital directors and information officers on the challenges and solution for the health system in a cyber-world.

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We will be happy to see you,

BDO Cybersecurity Center