• Technovation Conference

Technovation Conference

Date: 06 June 2017
Time: 08:00 - 16:00
Habima Theater
2 Tarsat blvd
Tel Aviv  
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Tuesday,  6.6.2017 I Habima Theater I Tel Aviv

In the past decade, a small group of technology giants controlled the digital world and within a short time have created an infrastructure for new technological platforms that are bringing about economic, social and cultural changes.

The Technovation high-tech conference will focus on the technological platforms whose infrastructure will provide the basis for the upcoming changes and opportunities in various industries. Will discussed these changes as seen through the prism of the revolution of automatic cars, cloud technologies, IoT worlds and artificial intelligence, and their effect on today and future industries.

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Keynote Speakers 

  • Ulrich (Uli) Homann Distinguished Architect, Cloud & Enterprise Engineering Microsoft Corp
  • Martin Wezowski, Chief Designer at SAP
  • Louise Phelan, VP, Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa, PayPal
  • Scott Rodie, Global Head of TMT, BDO
  • Yaniv Garty, Intel Israel General Manager
  • Tamar Yassur, Head of Digital Banking Division
  • Shahar Ziv, Managing Partner, BDO Israel
  • Aharon Aharon, CEO Israel Innovation Authority
  • Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, Ph.D. Luzzatto Group President
  • Dr. Esther Luzzatto, Ph.D. Luzzatto Group Senior Partner
  • Tomer Guriel, CEO & CO-founder of EZBOB


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Main Topics

  • The industries that technology has already shaken up - and those about to change
  • The world has changed and the revolution has just begun - A survey of the latest technological revolutions and a presentation of the forecasts for the coming years
  • Insurance and the connection to the world of fintech: when the robot replaces the insurance agent and the smartphone replaces the credit card
  • Health: Big data will save our lives and laboratory tests will be transferred to the smartphone
  • Transportation: Who needs a self-driving car and when will deliveries be made by drones?
  • Real estate and smart cities: when walls, objects and the city become smart
  • Agriculture and food: the food of the future
  • Education: when blackboard and chalk get AI
  • A "side track" at the conference: The job market in 2030

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