Growing Cyber Threats Our SOS Cyber Package

29 July 2021

Ophir Zilbiger, BDO Global Cybersecurity Leader, BDO Israel Head of Cybersecurity Center |
Noam Hendruker, Head of Global cybersecurity Consulting Group, BDO Cybersecurity Center, Israel |
Re'em Morad, Global MDR Business Manager |

Recently, we have been witnessing a significant rise in multiple cyber-attacks worldwide, which illustrate the financial risk and damage these incidents may entail. 

These latest events have made many organizations realize that no organization is immune to cyber-attacks. For hackers, no holds barred, small as large organizations are more vulnerable than ever. Cybersecurity is as a business most have decision and many business leaders are reassessing their cyber strategy these days in order to ensure identification, speedy response and effective handling of cyber attacks.

"Gartner clients are also reporting that after years of quarterly reporting on cybersecurity to their boards, that boards are now pushing back and asking for improved data and understanding of what they have achieved after years of such heavy investment.“ - Gartner The Urgency to Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision, 2020

To that end, we have created the SOS Cyber Package, containing several basic services and fitting to almost any organization.  It could reduce the risk of being subject to a cyber-attack and to limit the damages in case of such an attack.