Doing Business in the United States: A BDO Roadmap

24 March 2021

Tomer Nitzan, Presiding Officer, US-Israel Desk |

Even during a bear market, which economies across the globe are experiencing because of the long-lasting ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. remains a desirable long-term expansion target for foreign entities.

Business that can navigate the changes brought about by the pandemic in global and domestic markets will shape our new reality. While the U.S. market is still grappling with the shape of its recovery, businesses that can adapt and build on their long-term resilience will have the opportunity to emerge from the crisis stronger and will have the cultural foresight and operational dexterity to continue leading their peers.

In 2019, the World Bank ranked the United States as the sixth-easiest place to do business out of 190 economies, according to rules around opening a business, securing a location, accessing finance, navigating day-to-day operations and operating in a secure business environment.

In addition to the relative ease of setting up a business, the United States offers access to customers in a way that not many other markets do—both directly and indirectly through its various trade agreements with countries around the world.

Our Joint US-Israel Desk can help make this process efficient and effective."In the five years of the Desk's operation, we’ve helped many businesses with cross-border operations. Our unique US-Israel Desk is ideally positioned to assist our clients with their business decisions". Natalie Kotlyar, Assurance Partner; BDO US-Israel Desk Co-Leader


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