International Women's Day 2021

08 March 2021

Widad Altouche, Partner in the Financial Cluster |

We have used the initiative’s momentum to produce a strong report, not only celebrating IWD, but also driving an increase in gender equality and diversity.  Diversity and inclusion is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. It is essential for economies and communities to thrive.  A challenged world is an alert world.  And from challenge comes change.


At BDO we all share a same common purpose, our WHY: People helping people achieve their dreams.  Our motivation is to help people get where they want to be - whether they be our colleagues, our clients or others in the communities we are part of. It is an integral part of the BDO culture - to be focused on others, to help them achieve their dreams.

This year’s IWD report zooms in on the impact of a crisis year, acknowledging the many challenges working women faced, and continue to face during the pandemic.  But, more importantly we emphasise the amazing resilience of our female colleagues, and how they have #chosentochallenge and #chosentolead.


We are Proud of our Widad Altouche,  Partner and Head of the consulting team in the financial cluster, for being an inspiration and a significant part in this report. Widad is part of BDO’s global leadership program, as one of the NGLs (Next Generation Leaders), and is also on a leadership program on a national level. She has recently featured in the Israeli Business Daily ‘Globes 40 under 40’, which recognized her as one of Israel’s most promising people – not least for her involvement in the ONE BDO team construction of a BDO business forecasting model. An inspirational achievement.


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