Dealing with ongoing risks is what every manager, in any company or corporation knows how to do on their own, but in order to manage risks over time, preserve knowledge in the company and management and build a foundation for future growth while assimilating innovative processes, there must be a true partnership with multidisciplinary experts.

Clients of BDO Consulting's Corporate Governance and Regulation enjoy a team of experts with deep knowledge and understanding of the business from all sectors of the Israeli economy and international companies, with personal guidance and full partnership throughout and in accordance with the client's needs.

The team of experts provide our clients with performance appraisal mechanisms, experts in internal auditing, risk management and knowledge retention, advanced research services, organizational corporate governance strategy labeling and building defined execution and compliance mechanisms and control mechanisms through forensic, intelligence and other capabilities.

Thanks to working according to strict international methodologies and standards adapted to the country, along with constant engagement in developing our professional knowledge and methodological and technological innovation, the division reached a record ranking in fourth place in the global BDO network.

Years of practice and knowledge of the experts allows us to help companies and organizations build their inner resilience, strengthen their capabilities, and be prepared for the challenges along the way.