Sharon Witkowski-Tabib

Sharon Witkowski-Tabib

Partner, Head of Risk Advisory Services


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Executive summary

Executive Summary

CPA, CIA, Partner and Manager of the RAS Group. Ms. Witkowski-Tabib Has 15 years of experience in providing internal audit and risk management consulting services in all sectors. Ms. Witkowski-Tabib specializes in the analysis and specification of work procedures and their assimilation in the organization, the internal audit of work procedures, including the performance of risk surveys and fraud and embezzlement surveys, optimization of finance departments etc. in health organizations. Ms. Witkowski-Tabib serves private and governmental health corporations, health funds, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, ministries and many more. The RAS Group headed by Ms. Witkowski-Tabib is Israel's leader in consulting to the healthcare sector. 


Ms. Witkowski-Tabib holds a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration and MSc. in Internal Audit and Public Administration.