• Technology & Cyber

In a world where technological and digital spaces have become extremely significant, the managements of all companies must speak and think technology and cyber. Our mission in BDO Consulting's Technology and Cyber is to bridge knowledge gaps and enable companies to develop advanced technological services and maximize the capabilities and efficiency of their information systems, while providing comprehensive cyber solutions for protection against diverse types of threats to the company's data and knowledge and its business and operational assets.

As an integral part of a global consulting company with a business focus, our technology and cyber experts operate from a unique perspective that combines technological knowledge with expertise and deep business understanding, enabling strategic processes in technology and cyber, by building a comprehensive and applied solutions architecture according to specific needs of the company.

Our technology and cyber division is one of the leaders in the global BDO network. By combining forces with the technological and cyber experts of the global network, we can provide customers with global multidisciplinary services that combine unique expertise and knowledge from around the world.

Our technology and cyber division has a strategic partnership with leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Palo Alto. As part of this we provide customers with managed services and leading global solutions.

As a result, our customers enjoy a complete solution suite ranging from technological strategy, consulting, and planning for the establishment of complex information systems, planning and implementation of data and analytics systems, implementation of cloud strategies, automation to cyber risk management, compliance with regulatory and information privacy requirements, cyber-attack, and intelligence protection. For all the organization's assets - managerial and operational.