Cyber & Information Security

Cyber & Information Security

BDO’s Cyber Security Center in Israel is built around the acquisition of leading Israeli cyber defense specialist which had been a leader in cyber protection and information security since 2002. This center of excellence has a core team consisting of over 50 experts, many of whom developed their skills in complex military and national security environments.


Our Approach

Our approach is based on the experience we gained by managing complex tasks requiring quick tactical solutions, to very complex problems before they were established in the wider cyber-space around the world. We have specialist advanced knowledge and unique experience gained from years of work with the government and financial sectors which have been at the forefront of cyber attacks for many years.

Our thought leadership has contributed considerably to industry understanding in the field for advanced cyber defense, where other specialists have struggled to integrate information security management and cyber resilience development into a single coherent approach.


Our Methods

Our suite of methodologies and tools addressing cybersecurity challenges was developed over the last decade by our experienced staff, and they have proven their effectiveness across all industries. Our corporate methodology provides multi-domain support to build capability, maintain its efficacy, and develop your maturity over time.

We deploy innovative methods usually used only in sensitive industries like defense and military organizations where there is a zero tolerance to loss of highly confidential data or other impact of a data breach.

Our consulting and advisory work is configured to ensure your readiness for nearly all challenges, with a complete end-to-end solution, whether for strategy formulation, capability implementation, and ultimately security validation.

To heighten client readiness, we offer a range of services to support the design, build and implementation of cyber defense, and alternatives based on our resilience and security–as-a-service portfolio to provide contingency and scalability-based solutions.


Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that you anticipate threats, develop the best response, and the resilience for every eventuality you may face in your industry. By applying a suite of Advisory and Managed Services, we aim to support your capability portfolio, and accelerate your maturity whether your priorities are preventative security or proactive incident response & anticipation.


Our Services

The BDO Cyber Security Center provides a suite of services to support and develop each core capability either as part of a SOC capability development program, or as part of an implementation program through our Advanced Cyber Defense Services; Cyber Resilience Services; and our Resilience as a Managed Service Portfolio.

We can provide a coordinated operational and technical approach to ensure: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Security of your Data & Systems. We can ensure that malicious activity and anomalous behavior are detected, identified, classified and acted upon when and where appropriate.

BDO Cybersecurity Operations Center can manage and provide a full range of security operations functions on a remote basis, from CISO as a service down to Tier 1 analyst functions, as well as expert review and inputs into your established security and response infrastructure.

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