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Why BDO?

As a BDO employee, you will work in a developing and dynamic work environment, that stimulates creative thinking and initiative.

You will work in one of the 5 leading firms in Israel, and become a fully-fledged member of an organization providing the highest level of service in the country.

You too will personally evolve – working in an environment with a responsive and amiable atmosphere, in self-directed teams led by a professional associate.  The associate is responsible for both your professional development as well as your job satisfaction.  Being member of a professional team, you will enjoy the full support of team leaders and their staff.

The firm has launched an advanced traineeship program, offering you an opportunity to you upgrade your professional skills alongside your marketing and management abilities.

BDO Ziv Haft trainees handle diverse projects spread across various sectors; this means not merely performing a task, but the steps you take will help you create your own career development plan.  Guided by senior managers, you will gain experience and become part of a large number of challenging and specialized tasks.  Indeed, trainees are given a considerable amount of responsibility and the opportunity for influencing right from day one.

You will accumulate substantial knowledge which you can practically apply in your job, and you will be working directly with senior level staff, shoulder to shoulder with an experienced team, offering you the appropriate guidance and training.  This is the place to develop relationships and interpersonal ties from which you could benefit throughout your career.

Each team of experts employing trainees, handles a wide range of small, medium-sized and large clients.  Thus, you will gain good working experience and exposure to diverse professional practices.

This is an excellent basis to launch and build your career.

BDO Ziv Haft – today, tomorrow and throughout your career.