BDO ISRAEL Quality Assurance Policy

The Quality Assurance policy of Ziv Haft, strives to guarantee that requirements will be implemented strictly, accurately and continuously in each element of service BDO ISRAEL  provides to its clients. BDO ISRAEL’s dedication creates the necessary basis for achieving quality, professionalism accuracy, reliability, and full satisfaction of the clients.

The following actions are taken by the Firm to fulfill its commitment



The Firm continuously strives to attain: 
• Zero professional deficiencies while providing service. 
• Compliance with the timetable arranged with the client.



The Firm's partners and staff share the objective of attaining quality goals while  initiating and implementing a process of perpetual improvement. 
The Firm strives to improve the professionalism of its employees and creates a common, supportive, and empowering environment.


Professional Conduct

The Firm will ensure that the professional team acts in accordance with the professional conduct guidelines which are biniding to Certified Public Accountants. Professional conduct guidelines include traits such as honesty and decency which have to be abided at all times. The Firm has stipulated its commitement to conform to the proffesional conduct code of Certified Public Accountants and the rules of institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Service Providers

The Firm develops relationships with suppliers and service providers based on quality and continuous evaluation.


Quality of Operations

The Firm allocates resources for continuous improvement of its operations, and develops tools and processes to implement corrective actions.


Application of Quality Policy 

To achieve these goals and implement a comprehensive quality policy the Firm has embraced the ISO 9001:2015 Standard in addition to its commitment to act according to the laws, regulations, orders, and instructions required by various institution. 

The Firms management has set definite and measurable goals and objectives with the purpose of improving quality and efficiency of work processes and increasing the Firms competitive edge.