Who We Are

BDO ISRAEL  is a dynamic and business oriented accounting and consulting firm ranking amongst the five leading accounting firms in Israel. BDO ISRAEL  is also part of the greater international BDO network which ranks worldwide as a pioneer in the accounting industry.

The firm was established in 1983, employs over 1,800 employees through 10 branches in Israel, and operates Israeli desks in the US, UAE, Bahrain and the Gulf states, China, India, Vietnam and Eurasia.

BDO ISRAEL  provides Audit, Accounting, Consulting and Tax services, according to our client's desires and needs. BDO ISRAEL  provides services to private and public sectors and serves over 300 domestic and international publicly traded firms and trust funds. The firm’s diligence and professionalism enable the firm to undertake a multitude of tasks, while providing the fastest service at the highest standard. 


Our Vision

BDO ISRAEL  is committed to the establishment and the enhancement of our company's name and our employees' reputation in the accounting field within Israel and the international community. Throughout its work BDO maintains strict values comprised of teamwork, diligence and professional ethics.

We act to enrich, expand and integrate the professional knowledge of all BDO ISRAEL  employees, in order to maintain the highest professional standards and to continuously provide top-quality service to our clients.

We believe in a long-term collaboration with the Israel and international business community. Part of building an external network comes from within. At BDO, we are constantly growing and developing new ideas, in order to maintain our excellence as a top firm internationally.


Our Objective

Lead the market in accounting and business consulting in Israel, providing added value to its customers by maintaining high standards, integrity, dedication and responsibility.


Our Service Philosophy

At BDO ISRAEL, we invest in long-term, value-driven relationships focused on helping our clients’ progress and growth. The firm and the client's distinct service team have extensive experience and specific expertise in the client's industry. Every BDO ISRAEL  client is accompanied and supported by a dedicated, professional, and trustworthy partner, who is always available to provide answers when the client needs them most.
We believe that every client is unique, with individual goals and preferences. Therefore the work procedures are tailor made for each client individually in order to provide the highest standards of service and added value to the client. This distinct and personal approach allows BDO ISRAEL  to acquire a full understanding of the clients operations and helps the firm and the client confront business challenges and successfully navigate through the business world.

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Advisory Board

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